How are people so ignorant? 


Because they are boondock living FREAKS who spend way too much time listening to the rantings of their Daddies!

Oh, it got worse. The following is a continuation:

James: Kace, i think you need to realize the basic principles of the above issue. therefore i will give you my Crash Course In Dealing With Foreign People version 1.6: The Asians.

1. The first thing to remember is that while yes, America was intended for all races, the intent was that said immigrating foreign people would do their best to become american. Whether or not the foreign person in question is American is the question.
2. To determine if the Asian is an American, simply ask what race they are. If they say, “American,” then they are what is considered a Non-English-Speaking-American, or NESA. see point 4.

‎3. If the person says, “Asian” then they are not American and therefore should not be in America. They are likely a spy or sleeper agent working for the Chinese government, or are receiving shipments of heroin and opium from Thailand. See point 5.
4. If the person in question is a NESA, then report them to the NSA and say they are an illegal immigrant. If they can’t speak our language at least passably they are definitely an illegal immigrant.

 ‎5. If the person is a Chinese agent or opium dealer from Thailand, report them to the NSA.
6. If you can’t understand what they’re saying, they’re talking about you.

Me: James, I won’t justify with a long post, but you sir, an an ignorant dumb fuck.

James: 7. This is America. People are idiots. If they aren’t going to be English speaking idiots then they will be idiots speaking some other foreign language just to be idiots. This is because they are Americans, and jokainen tietää, että amerikkalaiset ovat idiootteja.

Blakki:kace, how can you say he’s an ignorant dumb fuck when he just TOTALLY burned you…?

Then they continued saying I was some Chinese Communist spy. I added.

Btw race is your ethnicity. Ex: Chinese Nationallity is where you are from say, American. So if you ask someone their race and they say Chinese and not American then that makes them a whole lot more intilligent than you. I’m done with any other responses. No point on trying to teach the ignorant and dumb.

They also continued to pick out autocorrect and continue to go on attempting to degrade me and what I said.

How are people so ignorant? 

Far more pissed off now. 

Kay, so this pissed me off.